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Top 3 secrets of sourcing top talent in Silicon Valley

Aug 17, 2022 | 0 comments

Several weeks ago, I blogged about the Candidate Experience and how instrumental it can be to attract top talent to your company. After all, it’s the opportunity to make a positive first impression of your company. But the candidate experience does not end with the applicant tracking system. From background checks to onboarding and the first day at work, the candidate experience continues to evolve. But what are the secrets to sourcing top IT talent in Silicon Valley?


Facebook extends some of its amazing benefits to their contractor as well. For instance, contractors are offered Free shuttle rides that practically eliminate the need to commute to the Facebook campuses. The company also offers advertising dollars for each contractor every month that they can freely use on their own.  Another benefit that would help you compete with top talent in Silicon Valley is pre-paid or free meals.

Other benefits also include a free cell phone, free computer, and flexible work schedule that can help your contractor talent from escaping to your competitor.

Billing Rate

With the hyper-competitive market in professional services, it’s important for the Sourcing Manager not to overlook the total candidate experience including the rate he/she is receiving from the vendor. Granted you will not be privy to the detail of the contract between the vendor and the contractor, but it’s important to curb any abusive practices that could result in an unhappy contractor.  

It’s been my experience that vendors who are willing to share the majority of the billing rate with the contractor have a better chance of prolonged stay within your company. Some of the big consulting firms take 50% of the split, but in return offer security or a bench for the Contractor if he/she gets laid off.


Cultural Fit

Each company has its own unique culture and HR regulations on dealing with contractors. The more your company is open to including contractors in the normal function of the company, the better the odds of keeping the talent long-term. 


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